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The fundamental blocks of human life

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

What if I tell you that the answers to these questions constituted some of the most exciting discoveries by a generation of philosophers and medical scientists buried under the rubles of destroyed temples, libraries, and laboratories spread across the globe burnt down by power-hungry folks fighting for absolute nothingness.

However, like-minded scientists with the learning and even deeper yearning for newer meaning to life have realized that the concept of methodological materialism with which medical science was founded has grossly limited the ability of science to embrace the realities of our time.

Methodological materialism makes it difficult for scientists, especially medical scientists, to conceive anything beyond the physical realm.

So today, in this episode, let us dig deeper into how we can understand the intimate relationship between the physical from the unseen realm of consciousness, which works through the fundamental components of our universe to fulfill a purpose.

In most ancient writings, mythologies, and philosophy, everything in the universe originates from five essential elements: water, air, earth, fire, and ether, the void, quintessence, or vacuum/ medium that is believed to be home of the spiritual consciousness.

Searching through sacred and cultural writings and antiquities, from the ancient Indo-Chinese through the Sumerians, Greco-Roman, Egyptians to the Mayans-Incas of Southern America, there is a constant with just a tiny variation of these five classical elements. The Yoruba and Igbo cultures of Nigeria deified these elements. The Japanese word for earth is like the Igbo deity Chi.

Aristotelian and medieval alchemy eventually led to more modern physical sciences of the early philosophical era. The next scientific revolution was anchored on the Newtonian particulate theory of the atom as the smallest unit of any material or matter in the universe.

This led to the conclusion that the universe is not just five elements but composed of more than eighty different elements. However, they are still classified into solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, obviously rejecting the fifth element.

It is incredible to know that of these elements that line the periodic table of our science books, the lightest Hydrogen makes up about 75% of physical matter. The other heavier elements seem to have resulted from the original creative blast of the stars and comprise only a tiny fraction of a percent of our universe, even as most of these elements are vital for life. (Picture of the periodic table)

However, on earth, the bodies of all living things are comprised primarily of the four elements of life Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen with small amounts of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and a few other elements with clusters on the periodic table, which was elaborated based on the paradigm that shifted from the original Newtonian theory of particles and the atomic theory of electron ionic spheres to the principle of quantum energy fields

So, in the last century, scientists have reconstructed the fundamental building blocks of the subatomic world using the quantum-theoretical physics model, which shows an array of particles from the proton, neutron, or meson to elementary particles like electron, photon, or muon. Including five additional bosons, which are the force carriers that mediate interactions between the particles characterized by their type/mass hard spin and quantum color or flavor.

These offer explanations as per the massive energy held inside the atom, revealing that in quantum field theory, that just like the atom, the universe in cosmology is made of energy fields rather than particles.

Science now acknowledge that these fields vibrate at different frequencies to produce other forms and forces in their lowest energy state.

The lowest fields or zero-point energy is not zero due to quantum fluctuations from the uncertainty principle. This gave rise to a whole new level in the concept of vibrating fields. All ancient mystery school teachings from Sumerian to Chinese and the Egyptians had laws of sacred geometry and exoteric vibrations that held everything in nature and the cosmos in a balance.

Scientists have discovered that the universe has been composed of visible matter, dark matter, and dark energy in the last few years. Hence, everything described in the conventional physics model and the periodic chart comprises the visible matter, which only amounts to six to7% of our universe. In contrast, dark matter makes up 25%, and dark energy, the vacuum's intrinsic energy, makes up the other 68% of our universe.

This is where it begins to get remarkably interesting! As we shall learn later, the interaction between the energy fields of the quantum universe and the human energy status creates an extraordinary field of epistemology and understanding.

Because of the restrictive nature of the same methodological materialism mentioned earlier and the resulting dichotomy between science and spirituality, contemporary scientists are focused on only the physical causes vs. effects that they deny or at best neglect the potential of anything beyond the physical realm of our cosmos.

However, from ancient civilizations to contemporary understanding, there is a consensus that humans are more than products of Chemistry, physics, and biology. It has other nontangible forms of the same vibration known as soul and spirit acknowledged by records of ancient sacred writings and religions.

So, the tree of life shows a pattern of energy levels of vibration; the physical realm appears at the bottom of the tree. Hence, indicating various dimensions and planes of higher frequency beyond what our physical senses and detectors can measure.

The book Darwinism and Creation, the reality of God, which I wrote as a 19-year-old in 1984, elaborates that it is the same creative force from the source quantum energy that flows through the universe and flows through all physical matter, including humans.

So, the divine creation of man with ‘let us create him in our image' is no longer a myth but can be equated to the essence of the human spirit and soul, which is infinite and eternal according to all ancient scriptural accounts and writings.

From the ongoing, the spirit can be defined as the eternal essence of energy that comes from the source vibrating on an energy field that is one with it. Hence, the spirit is assigned the top of the tree of life because it has the highest frequency by vibration. So is the invisible form on the opposite end of the spectrum from the physical matter, including humans.

A chapter of the book, the duality of existence, expresses the principle of polarity, which states that everything has poles and a pair of opposites. But it also says that spirit and matter are two poles of the same thing, the intermediate planes being merely degrees of vibration. This relates to Einstein's equation E equals MC squared. This means that transformation of energy or spirit and matter are interchangeable depending on the speed of light. However, in this case, the spirit is at such a high frequency that we do not yet know how to physically detect it directly. Even though we can sense its power and energy influence depending on our attunement.

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